Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Schuler Books

I try to shop local, but when it comes to bookstores, I prefer the chains. Amazon and Barnes and Noble EXCEL in customer service compared to places like Schuler Books. So I avoid this place like the plague, and by this place, yes, literally in the middle of Schuler Books writing this. 

I am looking for a dairy-free cookbook. The website shows a very thorough selection, but the staff is just chatting with each other and doing work that should have been done after close. I miss the days when shop staff worked after close. I have been in the store for thirty minutes.

At 9:57, I saw others shopping and this mess.

And I heard lots of vacuuming. I never opened stores when I worked retail until the floors were vacuumed. I never vacuumed with customers inside.

It is 10:30 AM and the staff is still vacuuming. I asked at 10:10 AM if  they were open and they said yes, as if it were  obvious. This display blocking my books isn't obvious.

And what's worse is, I searched online for store hours and they open at 9 AM. I think they could have rearranged the store at 8 AM. 

Well, no dairy free books in sight and I am sick of walking between all this. Thanks for the free wifi, but that is all for which I can thank Schuler Books.

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